Past Variety Descriptions

Ban Hua Thanon- Ban Hua Thanon originated on the Thailand island of Koh Samui. This variety was first domesticated in Europe before being sent to John Allen and spread around the world. Some great Thai genetics with some mutants.

Golden Cluster Fuck F3- Veritas Mycology developed GCF- it is derived from Golden Teacher and the selection criteria were clustered fruits. These spores are only F3, so the strain is new and unstable, but it is an interesting genetic snapshot for your spore library!

Tidal Wave F3– Tidal Wave is an F3 cross of PE and B+. The prints are dark and this variety doesn’t need to be swabbed. Note that this is not a stable variety as it is only F3. A very interesting batch of genetics for any spore library!

Wikidzon- Wikidzon is an interesting variety with a convoluted past. It is rumored to be a strain developed from PESA; however, it hasn’t been verified.

Wollongong– As the name suggests, Wollongong originated south of Sydney in Australia. This is one of the few Australian strains available, grab it for your spore library today!

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