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This package includes 40 spore syringes, this is 2 each of every cubensis variety currently available this is a great opportunity to update your library, checkout some less common varieties, and save BIG!

Use one syringe to make slides and keep the other for your library collection, trade it with community members, or use it for more slides!

Each syringe is labelled on the plunger as an acronym but includes a collector’s card to help identify the variety.

I will update this bundle as I offer new strains. For questions please let me know.

 Shipping is 1-3 day priority USPS

The Full Library currently excludes any non-cubensis exotics like Ps. tampanensis, Ps. mexicana, Ps. ovoideocystidiata, or Pan. cyanescens. 

All spore syringes are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only.
Each spore syringe is 10 mL and comes capped with a separate sterile 18 g needle.


Weight 1100 g

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Chris L
All around a great experience

This purchase started out with great customer service! I needed some help and was contacted by a friendly specialist who helped me complete my order. Paid through MR late on a Tuesday, sent out on Thursday and received Saturday. Spent all weekend setting up slides and labeling for the microscope. Just a great time for anyone interested in science! Thanks for the great experience!

Excellent communication, product, and experience!

My order arrived quick with everything and really really nice freebies! Welcome additions to my spore collection for an amazing price. It was extremely easy to pay the invoice and I just all around had a wonderful customer experience. Will order again!

Claire McMillin-Albin
Excellent product and customer service

I placed my order, paid with cash through the mail, and received my order quickly. I was missing one strain, but was able obtain it through email without issue and with phenomenal customer support. I will only purchase my mycology needs through MMM now! Thank you so much for the quality product and experience!

Great Experience!

Excellent experience from order placement to delivery. Worth it 100%! Will definitely get my myco needs from here in the future.

Always the highest quality products

Very Glad I went with the whole Library.

On point!

Order was received within the week, and every product was labeled for easy identification. Never had an issue ordering from here! Used MESH for debit/credit card, which was smooth and simple! Thank you!!