Here are some links to help Mushroom Man Mycology customers

Payment FAQ-

Check to see what the current payment options are and for more info on how to pay with those methods. 
Payment FAQ Page

Shipping Schedule-

Want to know when your order will ship? Not only will I verify the shipping day with you when I process your payment and order, but you can also use this guide to understand and plan when your order will be shipped.
Shipping Schedule

Spore Homogenization Explanation-

If you are purchasing spore syringes for the first time and are not sure what to expect or unsure what you received, see here for an explanation of how spore syringes are processed. I also have some video links to show how the spore solutions are made. 
All spore syringe batches are recorded to show visible spore density. Customers can request to see the video for any variety they receive as long as they provide the batch date from the collector’s card.
Spore Homogenization Explanation

Gourmet Ready-to-Fruit Block Instructions-

Ready to grow your own dinner or medicine? Order a gourmet Ready-to-Fruit block for you or your friend. These instructions will give you a guideline to fruiting any of the gourmet blocks I offer for sale. They are organized by species, you can use the search function on your keyboard to find your species and read more. Or if you purchase my gourmet cultures, these guides will help give more info about fruiting the gourmet species I offer.
Gourmet Ready-to-Fruit Block Instructions

Discount Codes- 

Who doesn’t love savings? I proudly post my discount codes that are always available on my website. Follow me on social media for special channel specific discounts and sign up for an account on to start receiving the monthly emails with special, limited, discount codes (and other news!).
Discount Codes