Shipping Schedule

Note- Your order must be received and paid for by the 11 am cutoff, not just placed.
Remember that orders with wedges only ship Tuesday; wedge orders are still subject to the 11 am EST cut off

6 thoughts on “Shipping Schedule

  1. Hello I am trying to place an order for 3 syringes and the page keeps saying there is no shipping selected.

    1. I emailed you to sort it out via email.

      If you are trying to ship to CA, GA, or ID or outside the US, that is not permitted.
      If that is not the case, reply to my email so you can share screenshots and we can figure it out!

  2. Hello, the same thing is happening to me as the other user “TheMagickMadame”. I do not live in CA, GA or ID and I live in the US.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for the info!
      For those reading and OP, there was some launch date bugs. I have them sorted now and you should be able to order with amazon pay. Still waiting on cashapp currently.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi there!

      Please email me with order/customer specific questions in the future.
      I get to all emails within 24 hours within my posted work availability. I have sent you the invoice now, check your email 🙂

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