Referral Program

I are pleased to begin a referral program! This program will offer deals and freebies for old customers who bring in new customers. This is the first time I am implementing this (Aug 2021) so please provide feedback and check for changes to the program and make sure repeat customers also take advantage of the Review Program
Update June 2023- I have updated the referral program to offer even more to existing customers who send new customers to MMM that order. Feedback is always welcomed!
I am now also allowing existing customers to keep their email anonymous from the new customers they refer, see below for details and info.

Referral Program Details:

As part of the referral program Existing customers:

Existing customers who refer a new customer will receive a free item* and 10% off a future order for each new customer referral. The discount is stackable up to 50% on any future order under $1000; however, only 1 free item can be claimed per new order. There may be some items for which this discount is not able to be applied. 

As part of the referral program New customers:

New customers who are referred by an existing customer will receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with their first purchase from Mushroom Man Mycology (international new customers receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore swab)! This is in addition to any other freebies offered at the time of purchase through sales or based on the payment type etc.

How to qualify for the referral program benefits:

Existing customers need to let parties interested in mycology and microscopy products to checkout MushroomMan Mycology.
When the new customer places an order on the website, they must include the email (or the referral code, see below) of the existing customer in the note section at checkout which is below the address fields at checkout, or email me at within 1 hour of placing their order with the email of the existing customer who referred them and their order number. The referral email or referral code given must be the same email the existing customer used to place their order.
The new customer will receive the freebie in their order automatically and it will not show up on the confirmation email (place the order on the website for whatever you want to pay for) and the existing customer will be emailed to let them know they have an additional 10% referral discount and free item to collect.
Existing customers that want to use referral discounts need to reply to the email I send them with their referral amount to use it- please contact me before placing your order so I can instruct you on how to redeem your referral discount(s). The discount can be used in conjunction with any sales/review freebies/payment freebies offered at the time the new order is placed.

I want to keep my email anonymous but want to refer new customers and get the program benefits:

Do you want to send new customers to MMM and get the referral benefits, but also don’t want to give out your email?
I am glad to now offer customers to get the referral benefits without giving out their email to other customers!

Existing customers: Email me at from the email you used to order and let me know you want to set up a referral code. You can offer a suggestion for the referral code, or I will assign one to you. You can set up a referral code at anytime. You will give this code to new customers to use in lieu of an email address when placing their order (see above). The code will link you to their referral without having to share an email with them. I will securely store a key linking your referral code to your email, so I am able to notify you when successful referrals are completed.

*Free item is up to $15 pre tax value; generally a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe but customers can also request and may also received a Vendor’s Choice spore swab or Vendor’s Choice gourmet Liquid Culture.


Anyone found to be taking advantage of the referral program will be banned and current orders cancelled.