Disclaimer- If you contact me and place an order (send funds), you agree that you are a) at least 18 years old, b)that you have read the shipping info, disclaimers, refund/return policies etc in full. c) You have read the product descriptions completely and verified the item is what you expected and want to order. d) You agree that you understand that spores from active species (see below) are for microscopy/art/collection only and are not intended for other use, e) you have seen a representative spore solution video and are happy with the representative spore load(s) and/or requested recent batch videos for those varieties you are interested in, and f) that you have read and understood the order complications policy IN FULL. g) You agree that you have seen and understand the homogenization explanation. h) You understand that no products offered are for human consumption. i) You understand the risks associated with growing gourmet mushrooms from the Ready-to-Fruit kits and the instructions to use them (information given on the product page of each Ready-to-Fruit kit and here). 

NO ACTIVE CULTIVATION- “Actives” include species from the Psilocybe and Panaeolus genera. Please do not contact me or link your order to any request or admission for unintended use of my products. I do not offer any active cultivation advice, I do not wish to participate in any conspiracies to manufacture controlled substances and ANY ORDER PLACED THAT VIOLATES THESE TERMS WILL BE REFUNDED and no items sent. If at anytime you link your order, past, current, or future, to illegal procedures you will be banned from the website and I will be unable to assist with replacements, future items or assist in any way. Agar work with spores IS CULTIVATION, so mention of agar work with active species spores, photos showing active species spores and agar plate contamination, mentioning agar with only active species spores in an order etc, will not be accepted and the user will be banned as mentioned. 
If at anytime any link of cultivation of actives with my spores is mentioned, your information will always be kept private. Please respect that my hands become tied if you mention illegal operations with my products.

Update 2022: Even with local decriminalization and medicinal use laws being put into place in various US States, I am unable to provide any of my active spore microscopy samples if your intention is to cultivate with them. Regardless of your location and what city/state laws you are under, our transaction must comply with federal law around active spores. Thank you for understanding that active spores cannot be sold with any suggestion of cultivation as their use is for microscopy/art/collections.

You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws). Any ambiguities in the interpretation of these Terms of Service shall not be construed against the drafting party. Additionally, we are not responsible for any third parties selling or promoting our products except those we partner with directly.


Below are sections for Payment options, Packaging and shipping info, Returns and refund policy, Policies on order complications, Privacy policy, and other information.

Payment options- For more information about specific payment options, see the Payment FAQ

Users can currently use credit and debit cards via MR (preferred) and email invoice*. All MR orders receive at least 1 freebie as a thanks for using MR and paying their extra fees. The freebie(s) added for MR will be equal to or greater in value than the fees paid to MR.
Additionally I can also accept payment through Zelle*, Venmo*, eCheck‡ and physical cash by mail*^ through the website. 

Email invoice, Cash by mail, Zelle, and Venmo are semi-automated processes so make sure to follow instructions for completing payment and verifying your order after you place the order and get an order number. Please read instructions carefully. Email mushroommanmycology@gmail.com with questions.  

‡ eCheck payments take 2-5 days to settle and will not be shipped until then. As a thanks for your patience, all eCheck orders will receive at least 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe (orders with a total of $25 or less will receive a Vendor’s Choice spore swab or gourmet LC); additional freebies are offered, usually a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe but it may be a different item, for payments over each $100 not including shipping. To clarify– an eCheck payment of $250 will receive 3 free items including at least 1 spore syringe.

^ cash my mail orders come with an additional 15% discount, not including shipping, and at least 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe (orders with a cash total of $25 or less will receive a Vendor’s Choice spore swab or gourmet LC). The 15% discount is generated after you message MMM to verify your cash order, it will not show on your confirmation email or at checkout. Additional freebies are offered, usually a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe but it may be a different item, for cash payments over each $100 not including cash tips or shipping. 
To clarify– a cash payment of $250 will receive 3 free items including at least 1 spore syringe.

Please note– all orders are subject to a 6% sales tax regardless of where the order is being shipped. MMM has to pay a 6% state sales tax for all orders sent out due to a nexus tax. Instead of raising prices 6%, the sales tax is added separately to the order and is used to pay the state. Thank you for your understanding.



2020-2024 COVID19 update-  Less than 1% of packages are experiencing 1-3 week delays in delivery. Please check the tracking history to see where the package is and for updates. USPS is the one responsible for delivery so be sure to check with them if delayed and then message me if your order has not updated on tracking information for more than 3 weeks delayed. 

I ship via USPS only and most packages are 2-5 day shipping (3-4 day average) but see above for delay message. I ship from within the USA on TuesdaysThursdaysSaturdays. Depending on the time you get your order in, it may not ship until the following shipping day; I will ship all orders that are received and paid in full by 11 am EST the day before a shipping day (except all gourmet wedge orders which ship Thursday only). See this guide for a visual representation of shipping schedule.
Almost all orders are sent USPS ground advantage (formerly known as “first class”) in manila or black bubble mailers that are 9″ by 6″. They are discreet and show no indications of contents on the outside. All envelopes are indicated as “FRAGILE” with a red or white stamp. Other orders are sent using USPS bubble mailers, or USPS flat rate boxes and, where necessary, padding is added to ensure safe delivery of items. Wedges are sent in microcentrifuge tubes, wrapped in parafilm. Note that wedge orders ship Thursdays.

We ship from the US. We do not ship spores to GA or ID. If your shipping address is in one of these states, your order will not be able to be processed on the website. GA, and ID can order gourmet items and supplies, but no spore syringes, spore prints or spore swabs- Please do not ask. Email me for a custom order of only gourmet/supplies if shipping to GA, or ID.
Note that the current territories can checkout as normal on the website and will have the shipping offered above:
Guam, Puerto Rico, AA, AE and AP armed forces

Temperature regulated packages-

Update 7/2022 Heat resistant packaging– I am now offering heat resistant packaging at checkout. This is a medium flat rate package shipped priority through USPS, sent with 2X cold, reusable gel packs, inside an insulated liner. This shipping option arrives in 1-3 days and will maintain your product below 100°F during transit. Customers should still following tracking and grab ASAP after delivery, but this will allow hotter climates in the summer to receive samples safely. Most orders will fit into the box, but if your order is too large, MMM will contact you to resolve the issue before shipping out. Resolutions can include a second cold insulated box, sending some items separately without cold packaging and potentially an upgraded sized box. No Gourmet Ready-to-Fruit blocks are eligible for the heat resistant packaging- please do not place an order that includes any gourmet Ready-to-Fruit blocks with the heat resistant shipping option. 

Update 10/2022 Cold resistant packaging- I am now offering cold resistant packaging at checkout. This is a medium flat rate package shipped priority through USPS, sent with 2X 100°F-72 hour warming packets, inside an insulated liner. This shipping option arrives in 1-3 days and will maintain your product above freezing during transit. Customers should still following tracking and grab ASAP after delivery, but this will allow colder climates in the winter to receive samples safely. Most orders will fit into the box, but if your order is too large, MMM will contact you to resolve the issue before shipping out. Resolutions can include a second cold insulated box, sending some items separately without cold packaging and potentially an upgraded sized box. No Gourmet Ready-to-Fruit blocks are eligible for the cold resistant packaging- please do not place an order that includes any gourmet Ready-to-Fruit blocks with the cold resistant shipping option.

International shipping-

International orders can email me for a manual invoice. Spore prints and spore swabs can be sent easily and cheaply to most countries. Prints/swabs are recommend to be sent as a letter which does not require a customs form. Spore syringes are only available for sale if the order is $75 USD or more before shipping and require a customs form. I can also send gourmet and supply items, but shipping is expensive and a customs form is required. Gourmet, supply, and spore syringe orders are all sent with either priority 6-10 day USPS or global express 3-5 day USPS.
To start an order, send me an email with your country. Ideally include also the items you want to purchase as well as your shipping name and address to speed things along. International orders are more limited in the payment options available.



No returns.
No refunds on orders that have already been shipped. Orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled and are non refundable.
If you want to cancel your order, message me with order number before it is shipped for a refund. Note- MushroomMan Mycology can choose to retain up to 25% of refunded order value as a restocking fee that will not be returned.

Any issues with seeing spores under the scope can contact me with order number and batch date of varieties in question. I will mark your issues, see if others experienced the same, and work with you to get replacements to you to make up for any batch issues as per the Terms of Service and as I see fit.You must message me within 2 weeks of order delivery for this type of issue. Orders older than 2 weeks will be addressed on a case by case basis and will usually be offered freebies on a future order. 

MushroomManMycology retains the right to update or modify any discount codes or freebie offers. Any orders placed that takes advantage of code misuse can be cancelled and does not need to be fulfilled. 


Policies on order complications:

Damaged items: If your items are damaged in transit, I offer at least a 1/2 credit on the cost of items (not including shipping) to be used for a future purchase. You must include a photo of the item/package in an email with the order number. Damaged items include microcentrifuge tubes that open, syringes that break etc. I have sent tens of thousands of items at this point and I know how often they arrive intact- thus any damaged items will be treated as the fault of the local carrier and the 1/2 credit on the cost of the item will be offered. If this does occur make sure to indicate “extra padded packaging” in any repeat orders so that the rough local post can be addressed.
Note- As of 9/16/19 all gourmet wedges will be wrapped in parafilm within the bubble packed envelope which is marked as “FRAGILE”. With these changes to packaging to secure tubes there should be no issues, thus opened tubes will fall under “damaged items” and be eligible for a 1/2 credit.

Shipping errors: If the shipping error is on my part, I will refund the order or send a replacement. If the shipping error is on your part (not putting a secondary address, putting the wrong zipcode/street, putting a name that causes “addressee unknown” etc) than I cannot offer any refund or replacement. If the fault is on the part of local USPS I’ll offer a credit of 1/2 the cost of the order (not including shipping) towards any future order. IF THE PACKAGE SAYS DELIVERED but you did not receive, and the shipping info is all correct, I will not offer any refund/discount. I have to be fair to all customers and the tracking is how I verify order delivery, there is no way for me to know if the package was stolen from your mailbox or by a neighbor or if there is any dishonesty, so contact USPS if this happens. If the package is returned to sender the customer can pay shipping costs to have it resent- please reach out to me in this case or I will message you if a package is returned to me.
International orders: International orders for prints or swabs are sent in a letter using USPS. There is a non-machinable stamp. Most shipping times are 3-6 weeks. Lost, opened or undelivered letters are not eligible for refunds or replacements. The customer accepts the risk of their order sent as a letter and agrees that they cannot receive a refund or replacement if it does not arrive. I try to give an estimate of delivery rate to your country when you place the order, be mindful of past success rates. I do not cover tracked packages either, any international order is not eligible for refunds or replacements if it does not arrive.

Ready-to-Fruit blocks: Ready-to-Fruit blocks of gourmet species have instructions for use on the product page for that item. These instructions must be followed correctly to ensure growth. Because MMM cannot account for differences in home grow operations, any issues with fruiting these kits will be addressed on a case by case basis. Please take photographs of any issues, MMM will provide some free consultation about the issue and offer suggestions to help improve future efforts. In addition, a replacement kit will be offered at a discount, or a free agar wedge of the same species will be sent for free to allow the customer a chance to make their own blocks.

Temperature issues: If your samples freeze or are exposed to >110F for 2+ hours, we do not cover replacements. It is on the customer to ensure the package is not exposed (look into general delivery through USPS) or to follow tracking closely and grab from the elements ASAP. I do offer weather protective shipping options (see above).

Contaminated materials: Any contaminated materials will be replaced free of charge (or added as replacements to a future order) when the following conditions have been met (You must message me within 2 weeks of order delivery for this type of issue):
A) Active spore syringes: Send me your order number, the varieties you had issues with and the batch date from the collectors card. I also require a photograph of the contaminated microscope slide magnified enough to show both spores from your syringe and contaminant spores/bacteria present (via email). Agar work with spores is cultivation so photos showing agar plate contamination will not be accepted and the user will be banned as per previous sections of the TOS.
If you are unable to provide the requested photograph MMM will still work with you and can offer to add a Vendor’s Choice replacement item(s) on a future order (redeemable at anytime) or send those Vendor’s Choice replacement item(s) if customer pays shipping.
Additionally- if your syringe arrives and the spores are not intact (they are nonviable) than I require a photograph of slides showing broken spores. This is the only legal way to determine viability and I will not entertain messages discussing “nonviable” spores that were used in cultivation attempts.

B) Contaminated gourmet wedges/LC/ready to fruit block: Any contaminated gourmet products will have a new sample sent when the following conditions have been met: A photograph of the contaminated agar plate, or inoculated grain/brf (you can send me images via email) is shown. Ready-to-fruit blocks must be photographed and MMM notified within 2 days of delivery to verify contamination, the block must also be unopened.


Privacy policy

Any information collected is kept secure and is not sold/traded or given out to any other parties. Information is kept confidential. Payments are secured through the third party providers offered, see the privacy policies of these companies to know how they manage your data.

Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.mushroommanmycology.com/.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.

An anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

User Profiles

If you create a user profile on our site you agree to have the email associated with your user profile added to an email campaign list. You can ask to opt out of these emails or unsubscribe from the emails themselves. As of Nov 2022, you will receive no more than 2 emails per month using the email campaign, likely 1. Email campaigns are administered through Sendinblue, see their website for information on their privacy practices.


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Who we share your data with

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How long we retain your data

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What rights you have over your data

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Where we send your data

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Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

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Prohibited Uses

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