Homogenization explanation

I want to explain what I mean when I say “well homogenized” when discussing spore syringes (and many other microscopic items) and why you shouldn’t worry when you see a “clear” syringe!

Spores are microscopic- a single spore is around 10 microns, the average human hair is around 70 microns thick so you can appreciate just how small they are! When spores are stirred in the distilled water solution via magnetic stir bar/plate (see my past imgur videos and this one in particular) they get pulled into solution and will separate into smaller and smaller clumps, sometimes becoming so small they are nearly invisible.

Very well homogenized samples will have almost no visible clumps; however, the spore solution will be “dirty” looking and have a purple-ish tint and on close inspection over a white background will have some visible clumps. MMM keeps the spore solution videos for all batches for ~30 days. You can request the videos for your batch(es) via email by providing your order number, varieties you received and their corresponding batch dates from the collectors cards. 

Fear not! The purpose of these microscopy samples is to study them under the scope; once you get the spores onto a slide and check them out (I suggest 400X on a compound scope) you won’t have any trouble seeing the spores. Remember to shake well before use!

Note- Do NOT overcompensate volume because they appear “clear”- you run the risk of ruining your slide prep with too much water and wasting solution.

This information is for educational purposes only

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