Review Program

Hey all! Please do not forget to leave a review after you receive and examine your order, I am treating these like a general review about the entire ordering process and product etc. There are also specific product reviews which are appreciated as well, but please only leave 1 review per order. NO MENTION OF CULTIVATION OF ACTIVES PERIOD. Feel free to review both the item and the general order experience within the product review, or do a shop level review.

Pictures are welcomed! But please do not post photos of anything implying cultivation of actives or it will be removed, please post microscopy photos of your samples or photos of the items/collectors cards etc! I have a freebie program for repeat customers who leave a review (see below) and I will be using this review system from now on to keep account of that.

We also greatly appreciate reviews/shoutouts on discord, reddit, facebook, through Instagram (@mushroommanmycology) or wherever you found us/want to share, including online forums, OMCs etc; however, only reviews posted here are eligible for the review reward program explained below. 

We reached 2700 reviews on reddit before the website system was live and we include that number in our total reviews (2700 plus any reviews logged here and product level reviews). We are currently at 10,780+ reviews (Early June 2024)! 

The referral program has been updated to be even more beneficial, if you are a past customer who is here to review, also familiarize yourself with the referral program to save more and get even more freebies on your next order.
Thank you, Mush Love <3


How to take advantage of the review program

ANY previous customers who have reviewed their most recent order:

Receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with your next order- US legal states only. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of more than $100 (before shipping) will get at least a second freebie item for each $100, although it may be different than a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe. You must have reviewed your most recent order to be eligible for a freebie on your new order.
Ex: An order of $250 will receive 3 review freebies and at least 1 will be a 
Vendor’s Choice spore syringe

To take advantage of the repeat customer review offer:

1) Please leave an official review on the website (1 review per order, item or shop level review is ok) after checking out your last order. Use the same email you used to place the order. You will be prompted to review via email ~2 weeks after your order ships, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam/promotions folder. You can also leave a review directly on the website through this page or on the specific page for any product, but I prefer for you to use the email system as it means the review is verified 🙂

2) Place your new order for the items you want to pay for. Make sure to include a note about your previous review in the Checkout notes* (bottom of the page after the address fields). You can just say “reviewed previous order” or something similar.
Pay for the order using your chosen payment method. 

3) I will add the review freebie(s) to your order manually after verifying that you a) are a past customer and b) have reviewed your most recent order or an item from your most recent order. The freebie(s) will not show up on the order confirmation email.

*If you did not leave a note about your previous review in the order note section:
Forward me
(mushroommanmycology@gmail.comthe new order confirmation email OR put the new order number in a new email and let me know you have left a review from a previous order. Please send from the same email you used to leave the review and place the new order with and put “review freebie” somewhere in the email-

The email is a critical step if you do not mention your past review in the order notes at checkout (Step 2 above). Otherwise I may not recognize you as a past customer and you will miss out on this extra freebie!

Based on 8107 reviews
Great service

This place has both current and OG spores for microscopy. Very quick and friendly service. Super positive experience! I would order here again for sure.

Overseas order

I placed an order from a somewhat uncommon country and the owner not only worked with me over multiple emails but also was extremely helpful in answering some newbie questions I had as well. Absolutely fantastic customer service and my order arrived quickly and as described. I rarely write reviews but this was one instance where I felt compelled due to the extremely high standard of service. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

Stop Here

Easily the best online. No contaminates, these are the best prices with the “Forever Sale” and everyday discount codes. If you have a question/issues he will work with you. MMM is your virtual bud and you need not go anywhere else. CC payment, if you choose that route, is a super easy trustworthy transaction email after placing your order. Dude is simply the best online, period. Pictured: yellow/golden oyster front; reishi next, followed by just-started shit’s in the back (all from MMM).
Thank you My MMM Man!


I got 2 freebies with my order and I can tell you that they are quality goods + the items that i ordered as well. shipping is fast, communication is GREAT, and just overall service will keep me coming back. MMM will be my new go to!

Amazing service!!!

Great communication and I received all my items within days of ordering and I ordered on a holiday weekend… I love the freebie stickers, and how there are labels of each syringe! I’m still a newbie but with their help I believe I’ll be great in no time! I will be ordering again!
Mush love, Tara

Love the mixed bundle

I ordered the mixed bundle medium pack and I am thrilled! I love the art, the free stickers, and everything came sealed and safe. I am very excited to try the morel and shitake strains that were included. Service was very kind and professional.

Quality Company

Fast professional service that keeps you fully informed of your shipment details. The product was as advertised with great results. Very happy with my purchase and will buy from this company again!

Excellent service and products

Ordering was easy. Products arrived quickly and everything was great. I will definitely recommend friends.

MushroomMan Mycology
Prompt service, very kind.

Every interaction has been swift and they do provide the best deals around. Good for someone who is just learning an starting out. Place an order and they suggested a better bundle!! I am sooo Happy!! Can’t wait to research and grow!! Expect repeat orders from me!!

Amazing customer service and fantastic products

Highly recommend mmanmycology. Easily the best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with. I accidentally entered the wrong address at first and had to email them to get it fixed. They were more than willingly to help me address the issue and get me my product quickly. Will be using again in the future exclusively.


Great product, great customer service

MushroomMan Mycology
jorge martinez
Great service

Arrived timely

My supplier of choice

I have continued to use MMM because all my orders are in good hands. I have gotten great prices, good delivery customization, and best is MMM have payment terms that suits me perfectly. MMM also constantly have new strains available. I will definitely continue my purchases with MMM.

Great Vendor – Goto For Sure

I received all my items with in a few days. Discrete packaging and received as ordered. I am just beginning my field of studies in mycology but, I am a loyal customer as of my first order. Great communication and very generous.

MushroomMan Mycology
Gerard Magloire
Best Vendor EVER

I can’t sing MMM praises enough. My order arrived super fast with awesome freebies and spiffy merch. 100% Recommend

Amazing as always!

I used to order from him several years ago back on Reddit. Recently, I’ve gotten back into mycology and found that he had his own website now. Prices are a bit higher than they were years ago but his quality is unmatched! Definitely ordering again.

Great service

I used mmm in 2020 on order 4341; great overall experience. Fast shipping, responsive cust service (replied right away to my questions) and had contamination free solutions when under the microscope. Fantastic 10/10

Friendly service and excellent experience all around!

I’m so glad I went with MMM to help start my research journey. Order that arrived was even more impressive than expected, and got here super fast. I paid through Zelle, and the process was very easy. Not only that, MMM is so friendly and easy to communicate with, I am actually eager to keep ordering with them. A rare and impressive service experience I would recommend to any researcher.

MushroomMan Mycology
Seth Spotloe
I'll only order spores from here

I could not of asked for better or quicker service. Plus the syringe and swabs all did great! Plus, you can’t beat the surprises you get sent! Thank you, I can’t wait for my next order!

Highly recommend

Shipping was fast. Communication Amazing. And the product was perfect. Thank you so much I will definitely be a returning customer

MushroomMan Mycology
Natasha Howard
Great products, fast shipping!

First time customer here and the entire process was great! My shipping was extremely fast and the seller replied back quickly when I had a question! My products look great and I really appreciate the freebies! I also appreciate the Shiitake fruiting bag instructions on the site! Thanks so much! I will definitely buy again!!

MushroomMan Mycology
Patrick Carlucci
Just the best

Man, this is the place to go. Ordering, Fulfillment, and Reception was the smoothest, easiest experience as far as ordering sensitive things go. Bezo’s could learn a thing or two. The gourmet freebie I have going are perfect. The genetics are on point, and the culture they have going make the hobby a bit easier. Would definitely recommend!


Incredible service and selection! I was a new customer and was greatly impressed with communication. Will absolutely be back for more high quality product from Mushroomman 🙂

MushroomMan Mycology
Miranda Dohy
Flawless experience

First timer and so pleased; wonderful service and perfect spores. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Great all around

Excellent customer service, fast & secure shipping, and perfect products for microscopy work. Highly recommend!