Gourmet Ready-to-Fruit Blocks

Instructions for ready to fruit kits are here!

Ready-to-Fruit block instructions


Ready-to-Fruit boxes are shipped priority USPS and arrive in 1-3 days. Most blocks are ready to ship when ordered, but there can be 1-3 week waiting period for shipping (while blocks colonize). MMM will generally notify you if there is a delay after you order. Orders of 6 or more blocks should consider emailing MMM for discounts and proper shipping costs.

Photos of pinning/fruiting/final dishes of the gourmet Ready-to-Fruit blocks are encouraged in reviews and MMM would happily feature nice images on the website/grow guides as well if you’d like to share and photo credit can be offered.


As of Sept 2021 each 3 lb block receives 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe unless asked to not include.
Orders of 5 or more blocks may not get 1 Vendor’s Choice spore syringe per block but will receive at least 5 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringes as well as 1 additional free item for each block past 5.


If you want Ready-to-Fruit blocks (or grain spawn) of a gourmet species not listed here but that is listed on the gourmet page, send me an email and I can do a custom order.

I am also able to produce Winecap spawn to order and larger amounts will be discounted- email me with how much spawn you need for your outdoor bed and I am happy to put together a quote and timeline.


I do not produce grain spawn, agar wedges, LCs, or ready-to-fruit blocks for any active species. DO NOT ASK.

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