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6500+ Review Sale and Giveaway!

From 10/20 through 10/26 EST all orders will be eligible for the 6500+ review bonuses listed below. These freebies are in addition to the Customer Appreciation Sale freebies (any payment or review freebies offered are also included!) and follows the same rules for reaching these thresholds (see below). 

If your total is over $30you will receive 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore swab added to your order

If your total is over $40: you will receive 1 free Panaeolus cyanescens var “British Virgin Islands” spore syringe added to your order

If your total is over $60: you will receive 1 free Panaeolus cyanescens var “British Virgin Islands” spore syringe and 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore swab added to your order

If your total is over $120: 1 free Psilocybe tampanensis var “Alt7” spore syringe, 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore swab, 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore print, and 1 free Vendor’s Choice Gourmet Liquid Culture

To make it easier to understand all the freebies you get during the sale, the below list shows what freebies you get at certain amounts (in bold-see below under Customer appreciation sale for how the final price is determined):

$20– 1 VC spore syringe

$30- 1 VC spore syringe + VC swab

$40- 1 VC spore syringe + Pan cyan spore syringe

$50- 2 VC spore syringes + Pan cyan spore syringe

$60- 2 VC spore syringes + Pan cyan spore syringe + VC swab

$100- 2 VC spore syringes + 2 Pan cyan spore syringes + Nav F2 swab + VC swab

$120- Ps tamp alt7 spore syringe + Pan cyan spore syringe + Nav F2 swab + 2  VC spore syringes + VC swab + VC print + VC gourmet LC

$160- Ps tamp alt7 spore syringe + Pan cyan spore syringe + Nav F2 swab + Avery’s Albino swab + 3 VC spore syringes + VC
swab + VC print + 2 VC gourmet LC



Make sure to also enter the 6500+ review giveaway on reddit, 5 winners selected on 10/21 or 10/22. See my comment here on how to enter. Thanks for participating!


Customer Appreciation “Forever Sale”

To show my support for all of the customers past, present, and future who have helped MMM get to where it is today, I am offering freebies with all orders based on the below pricing. Freebies may change overtime, so check here for info! The Customer Appreciation Sale (CAS) begins Aug 31st and does not end until further notice!! If there is any confusion about freebies, feel free to email me (see About Section for email).

The amount spent to be eligible for the freebie(s) is the total including shipping, taxes, and tips and after any discounts from codes, referrals, or when using cash by mail and does not include fees added by MESH. The freebies are in addition to any freebies the order is already eligible for (review freebies, MESH freebies, cash by mail freebies, etc)- place the order for what you want to pay for. The freebies are added automatically by me during packaging and will not show up on the receipt and no codes need to be used to receive the freebie(s) when eligible; the customer does not need to do anything to receive them!

If your total is over $20: you will receive 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe added to your order

If your total is over $50: you will receive 2 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringes added to your order

If your total is over $100: you will receive 2  Vendor’s Choice spore syringes, 1 Navery F2 spore swab, and 1 Panaeolus cyanescens var “British Virgin Island” spore syringe added to your order

If your total is over $160: you will receive 3 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringes, 1 Panaeolus cyanescens var “British Virgin Island” spore syringe, 1 vendor’s choice gourmet Liquid Culture (LC) syringe, 1 Navery F2 spore swab and 1 Avery’s Albino spore swab added to your order

About us

I have been operational as a spore seller since December 2018 as mushroomman666 on reddit- we have serviced tens of thousands of customers in that time and are committed to continuing to support mycology and microscopy communities. I am known as u/666mushroomman666 currently on Reddit. I am always trying to improve our service, products, pricing, and giveaways/sales. Any suggestions are welcomed!

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Thanks for your support while we got the new page up. We are working on making it a smoother experience and realize there may be bugs. Please reach out to us with bug reports, describe what your issue was and how it happened with as much detail as possible. 

We are aware and working on some bugs that arise when using coupons. If you want to use a coupon but the website isn’t letting you (you add something and it says the coupon is no longer eligible), email me with what you want to order and I can help do a custom order to ensure you get the best deal.

Contact us at mushroommanmycology@gmail.com

We are offering a deal on cash by mail orders with an extra 20% off discount for all cash by mail orders and at least 1 free spore syringe!

We are offering at least 1 free spore syringe with all orders through MESH to help cover fees. 

Ready-to-Fruit gourmet block instructions can be found here.



Hen of the Woods LC restocked and Chestnut LC now available for sale!

6500 reviews logged
Reached 6500+ Reviews! Sale and Giveaway

King Oyster LC is the new $5 add on item at checkout

Ps. mexicana var “Jalisco” is sold out- Ps. tampanensis var “Alt7” restocked!

Turkey Tail Liquid Culture (LC) now available!

Penultimate batch of Treasure Coast now available. Get TC for your library before its gone in 2-3 weeks!

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) and Chestnut (Pholiota adiposa) agar wedges now available! Liquid cultures coming soon 🙂

Modified Mycology Lids (Wide mouth) restocked! Grab one at a discount at checkout. Deals on 4, 6 and 12 packs, email for info or to order!

Black Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture (LC) now in stock!

High Temperature Tolerant Lion’s Mane and Pearl Oyster LCs restocked

Lion’s Mane, High Temp Tolerant Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, and Shiitake 3 lb Ready-to-Fruit blocks now available for sale! Each block gets 1 VC spore syringe added for free 🙂

Hen of the Woods LC is new $5 order add on item!


New payment options including direct card payments through invoice and Zelle

Sporeless Oyster LC is now for sale! Restocked Blue Oyster LC

Pearl Oyster LC is now available for $5 as add on item at checkout

Black Pearl Oyster and Sporeless Oyster 3 lb Ready-to-Fruit blocks now available! Free VC spore syringe with each 3 lb block 🙂

APE-Revert prints, Huautla swabs, and both Redboy-Revert & Blue Meanie (P. cubensis) prints and swabs now available.

Pink Oyster LC and Shiitake LC restocked!

Blue Oyster LC is new $5 add on item

Winecap Liquid Culture (LC) now available, Red Reishi LC restocked

Shiitake LC now available as $5 order add on!

Shooting Stars spore syringes now available- replaced Roatan Honduras.

Pink Oyster LC now available as $5 add on! 

Yellow (Gold) Oyster Liquid Culture (LC) now available, Morel LC restocked 🙂

King Oyster Liquid Culture (LC) now available, Hen of the Woods LC restocked!

6250+ Reviews reached! Giveaway and sale incoming

Red Reishi LC now available for $5 as order add on item

Ps. mexicana var “Jalisco” now available!

Morel LC now available for $5 as order add on item!


Customer Appreciation “Sale” now in effect- until further notice all orders will receive at least 1 freebie, more freebies with higher order value! See homepage for tiers of freebies 🙂

Fresh Lion’s Mane Liquid Culture (LC) restocked 

Avery’s Albino spore swabs and Z-Strain and B+ prints and swabs now in stock!

Penultimate batch of Roatan Honduras now available, get it before its gone!

Pink Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Red Reishi, and Lion’s Mane 5 lb Ready-to-Fruit blocks now available for purchase to ship in 1-2 weeks

All cash by mail orders receive 20% off and at least 1 free vendor’s choice spore syringe until further notice 🙂

Pearl oyster Liquid Culture (LC) restocked

Panaeolus cyanescens var “British Virgin Islands” spore swabs now available!

High Temp Fruiting Lion’s Mane Liquid Culture (LC) syringes restocked

Modified Mycology Lids (wide mouth) for Liquid culture, grain, and agar now available for sale!

APE-Revert spore swabs now available!

Fresh Blue Oyster Liquid Culture (LC) restocked!

Fresh Warm Fruiting Shiitake Liquid Culture (LC) restocked!

Super discount on Pan cyan “BVI” & PEU spore syringes now applied.

Ps. mexicana var “Mex A” spore syringes now available, this is the last batch so get them before they are no longer available! ~ Last 2 Ps. tamp. “Alt7” spore syringes on sale!

All gourmet Liquid Cultures (LCs) now on sale!

Hillbilly spore syringes now available as Brazil has sold out!

Pink Oyster Liquid Culture (LC) back in stock 🙂

Now taking preorders for gourmet spawn and ready to fruit blocks!




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