Update 4/29/21- I am defending my dissertation next week and there will be a delay in orders being shipped out. I will be shipping the 4th, but I will not be shipping on the 6th or 8th and will resume on the 11th.

All orders placed after 11 am EST on Monday May 3rd through 11 am EST Monday May 10th will ship on May 11th. Orders placed and paid before May 3rd at 11 am EST will ship the 4th.

From there I will resume my shipping schedule and may be moving to sending 4/5 times a week instead of 3!

I may take longer to respond to messages during this time.


5500 review giveaway! See here for how to enter the giveaway. Thank you to everyone for the support over the years to help us get here! Keep an eye out for the 5750 review giveaway, hopefully in the near future 🙂


Thanks for your support while we got the new page up. We are working on making it a smoother experience and realize there may be bugs. Please reach out to us with bug reports, describe what your issue was and how it happened with as much detail as possible. 

Contact us at mushroommanmycology@gmail.com

We are offering a deal on cash by mail orders with an extra 20% off discount for all cash by mail orders. 

We are offering at least 1 free spore syringe with all orders through MESH to help cover fees.



Pink Oyster LC now available! Shiitake LC coming next.

Corumba will only be available until the 10th and then will be replaced with Syzygy

~10 Ps. mexicana var “Mex A” left! Grab them before they are replaced with Ps. mexicana var “Jalisco”.


Stocking new gourmet liquid culture (LC) every ~2 weeks. Blue Oyster and Lion’s Mane are currently available and Pink Oyster will be ready around May 10th

Many new spore swabs and prints in stock- see what we have!

Corumba is nearly sold out, get it while you can 🙂

Now offering an exotic; Ps mexicana variety (“Mex A”)

Now offering Pakalensis, “Albino” A+; AA+, Taman Negara, and Mars spore syringes



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