About Mushroom Man Mycology

I have been operational as a spore seller since December 2018 as mushroomman666 on reddit- we have serviced tens of thousands of customers in that time and are committed to continuing to support mycology and microscopy communities. I have also been known as 666mushroomman666 and mushroommanmycology on Reddit (unfairly banned) and I am currently active as @mushroommanmycology on Instagram. I am always trying to improve our service, products, pricing, and giveaways/sales. Any suggestions are welcomed!

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Thanks for your support with website bugs/issues. I am working on making it a smoother experience and realize there may be bugs as I am foremost a mycologist and not a web master! Please reach out to me with bug reports, describe your issue and how it happened with as much detail as possible.
If you submit a helpful bug report, especially of unknown and important issues, I will add a free item to your next order. Thank you!

We are aware and working on some bugs that arise when using coupons. If you want to use a coupon but the website isn’t letting you (you add something and it says the coupon is no longer eligible), email me with what you want to order and I can help do a custom order to ensure you get the best deal.

Contact us at mushroommanmycology@gmail.com


We are pleased to offer another card payment option called MR. MR allows you to use a card to pay for your order directly at checkout. All MR orders get at least 1 free item added to their order, in addition to any freebies the order is already eligible for as a thank you for paying the MR fees. The item(s) received will be equal to or greater in value than the fee you pay to MR. See more info about MR at checkout and feel free to email me with questions about MR.

We are offering a deal on cash by mail orders with an extra 15% off discount for all cash by mail orders and at least 1 free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe*! Additional freebies (usually a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe but may be a different item for cash payments over $100 not including cash tips. The cash freebie and 15% discount are added by me manually after you place your order, they will not show on your order confirmation email.
*Orders of $25 or less (cash total after discount) will receive a Vendor’s Choice spore swab or gourmet LC as the cash freebie.


Ready-to-Fruit gourmet block instructions can be found here.
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