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Ordering this item means that MMM will select 10 syringes from the current spore syringes at the time of order.

The 10 vendor’s choice syringes will be labelled and include the collector’s cards so you will know what it is when you receive. You will get 5 total varieties. You cannot select what comes with this pack, if you want to choose your specific varieties, checkout our available discount codes for pick your own packs of 2, 3, 5 and 10 syringes  🙂

If you are unsure of what to get, let us decide!

VC will always exclude GT, B+, PE6, GM, APE-R, PEU, McK, CG, and any non-cubensis exotics like Ps. tampanensis, Ps. mexicana, Ps. ovoideocystidiata, or Pan. cyanescens. 


All spore syringes are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only.
Each spore syringe is 10 mL and comes capped with a separate sterile 18 g needle.


Weight 219.9923 g

Customer Reviews

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Fast & reliable

Very recommended, no issues!

Alex M
Vendors Choice Deals Are Where It Is At

Longtime customer, MMM always comes through with their excellent communication and good products.

The freebies are a plus as well. Highly recommend this vendor!

Julio Garcia
Quality Service & Products

This is my second time ordering products from MMM. Each time I've ordered the Vendors Choice! The package shipped and arrived exactly as expected. and it was a pleasure seeing the various surprise syringes we get from Vendor's choice. Excited to get to work! Thanks, again for the great service and products. See you again soon!

Cannot go wrong with a vendor's choice

Always has great communication and you can't go wrong with a vendor's choice

Erica Guadalupe
Will be back

Very quality, shipping was speedy and the mushroom man is extremely responsive! Thank you ((:

Myco Exotics
Awesome variety

Im a regular mmm customer and always will be! I always pay with mesh and have never had an issue and every 10 pack ive gotten has had a different variety! Of course theres repeats but I have yet to get the same 5 varieties twice. That plus the freebies why would I go anywhere else?