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Ordering this item means that MMM will select 10 Psilocybe cubensis spore syringes from the currently available spore syringes at the time of order.

The 10 vendor’s choice syringes will be labelled and include the collector’s cards so you will know what it is when you receive. You will get 5 total varieties. You cannot select what comes with this pack, if you want to choose your specific varieties, checkout our available discount codes for pick your own packs of 2, 3, 5 and 10 syringes  🙂

If you are unsure of what to get, let us decide!

VC will always exclude the current Limited Release spore syringe, GT, B+, PE6, GM, APE-R, PEU-R, McK, CG, and any non-cubensis Exotics like Ps. tampanensis, Ps. mexicana, Ps. ovoideocystidiata, Ps. azurescens, Ps. cyanescens, Ps. subaeruginosa, Pan. cyanescens, etc. 


All spore syringes are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only.
Each spore syringe is 10 mL and comes capped with a separate sterile 18 g needle.


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Customer Reviews

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The BEST in action.

MMM has always had the best customer service and their checkout process is very user friendly. I grabbed a 10 pack variety and paid cash for a few cool freebies offered. Ive NEVER been disappointed with quality or speed of turnaround either!

Only the best service!

I want to re-emphasize my appreciation for your service and communication. Ive bought the vendor pack several times and have never been disappointed. The selection always varies and I love it. I appreciate the cash discount also!! Thanks again!

Jeremiah Johnson
Excellent quality

Well packed, well shipped, quality merchandise. It's a shame that there aren't more businesses out there with real integrity like MMM.
If you're in doubt, just give it a try. They're gonna look really good under the microscope.

Responsive and quick

MMM was super easy to deal with. Highly recommend.

Jesse M
Great syringes

Fast shipping amazing product! Gorgeous under the microscope

Mark Chullino
Great product and service!

I really enjoy dealing with MMM. They communicate very quickly and address all concerns you have. I would highly recommend.