Reviews & Referrals

Reviews and Referral Programs

Referral Program
(see below for Review Program)

We are pleased to begin a referral program! This program will offer deals and freebies for old customers who bring in new customers. This is the first time I am implementing this (Aug 2021) so please provide feedback and check for changes to the program and make sure repeat customers also take advantage of the Review Program (see below)!

Referral Program Details:

As part of the referral program: Existing customers receive 5% off a future order for each new customer referral. This is stackable up to 50% on any future order under $1000. There may be some items for which this discount is not able to be applied.
As part of the referral program: New customers receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with their first purchase from MushroomMan Mycology! This is in addition to any other freebies offered at the time of purchase through sales or when using MESH etc.

To qualify: Existing customers need to let parties interested in mycology and microscopy products to checkout MushroomMan Mycology. When the new customer places an order on the website, they must include the email of the existing customer in the note section at checkout, or email me ( within 1 hour of placing their order with the email of the existing customer who referred them. The email should be the same email the existing customer used to place their order.
The new customer will receive the freebie on their order automatically (place the order on the website for whatever you want to pay for) and the existing customer will be emailed to let them know they have a 5% referral.
Existing customers that want to use referral discounts need to reply to the email I send them with their referral amount to use it- please contact me before placing your order so I can instruct you on how to redeem your referral discount(s). The discount can be used in conjunction with any sales/review freebies/MESH freebies offered at the time the new order is placed.

Anyone found to be taking advantage of the referral program will be banned and current orders cancelled and refunded.

Review Program and Reviews

Hey all! Please do not forget to leave at least a site review after you receive and examine your order, I am treating these like a general review about the entire ordering process and product etc. There are also specific product reviews which are are appreciated as well, but please only leave 1 review per order. NO MENTION OF CULTIVATION OF ACTIVES PERIOD. Feel free to review both the item and the general order experience within the product review.

Pictures are welcomed! But please do not post photos of anything implying cultivation of actives or it will be removed, please post microscopy photos of your samples or photos of the items/collectors cards etc! I have a freebie program for repeat customers who leave a review (see below) and I will be using this review system from now on to keep account of that.

We also greatly appreciate reviews/shoutouts on discord, through Instagram (@mushroommanmycology) or wherever you found us/want to share; however, only reviews posted here are eligible for the review reward program. 

We reached 2700 reviews before the website system was live and we include that number in our total reviews (2700 plus any reviews logged here). We are currently at 8130+ reviews (Sept, 2022)! 


ANY previous customers who have left a review:

Receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with your next order- US legal states only. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of $100 or more will get at least a second syringe :).
To take advantage of the offer:

1) Please leave an official review on the website (1 review per order, item or shop level review is ok) after checking out your first order. Use the same email you used to place the order. You will be prompted to do so via email 2 weeks after your order ships, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam/promotions folder. You can also leave a review directly on the website but I prefer for you to use the email system as it means the review is verified 🙂

2) Place your new order for the items you want to pay for and pay for the order. Make sure to include a note about your previous review in the Checkout notes (bottom of the page after your addresses).

3) Forward me the new order confirmation email ( OR put the new order number in the email and let me know you have left a review from a previous order. Please send from the same email you used to leave the review and place the new order with and put “review freebie” somewhere in the email-
The email is a critical step if you do not mention your past review in the order notes at checkout (Step 2 above)

Based on 5550 reviews
No worries

Got what I ordered plus freebies.
Used Zelle it was seamless
Communication is top notch
I just followed all of the instructions from emails.
I won’t order from anyone else.

The MSS were delivered quickly and professionally, All looks good under a microscope.

Mr. Mushroom is the man

I had lots of questions about my first order and they were answered promptly. Also he was extremely generous with the freebies that I qualified for.

Extremely Pleased

I ordered over a dozen syringes and have seen amazing results. The heat resistant packaging really works. My lab is bountiful with these amazing specimens. Going to order some more exotic varieties this go around.

Will buy again!

Speedy shipping, freebies, clear constant communication! I will certainly be purchasing again.

Don't hesitate

This is a great operation that will received repeat business and referrals from me.

MushroomMan Mycology
Joseph Smith

While I’m new to microscopy – I’m not new to working with small businesses. Between the freebies, the genuine communication, and the thousands of positive reviews, I can’t find a reason to go elsewhere. Nothing but positivity coming from my end! Thank you for the professionalism, authenticity, and of course, the extras 😉


Fast service, with extra goodies.
Will be recommending MMM!

Very impressed and would recommend

I would continue to use MMM for my microscopy needs. High quality product and very professional. Easy to pay for as well. The spores were amazing to observe and I’m glad to have these in my collection. Amazing customer service for a small business. Also everything arrived without any damage. Thank you again for your service.

All around awesome

Great service, fast shipping and impeccable product. Every time.

Excellent customer service

I just got into mycology and chose MMM for my very first LC purchase. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and I was not let down. After placing my order I realized I would be out of town when the culture arrived. I emailed MMM and asked the shipment be delayed a week which was handled without any issues. The product arrived well packaged and healthy. Can’t wait to see what I get on my agar plates!


Great service, amazing products that arrive promptly and healthy. Thank you for what you do!

Always fast & consistent

2nd time ordering from MMM, quality products and fast shipping!

Awesome stuff

I’ve made 3 orders from MMM and I’ve been extremely happy with all of them. Everything was clean and packed well. Highly recommend and I will
Be making another purchase very soon.

MushroomMan Mycology
Myco WireDog
Continued Excellence

I am super satisfied with my experience. 5+ stars! MMM is patient beyond belief. I had issues with payment methods on my end and there was nothing but GOOD VIBES!

He hooked me up with freebies, which is awesome! Shipped on schedule, more awesomeness!
Got more than I was expecting. The Lions Mane and 2 choice syringes look much healthier than what I have seen from other sites.

Will be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks for the excellent products and support.

Great service!

Speedy service, great product! Simple as that!

Great experience

I had a great first time experience ordering from MMM. Ordering and paying (multiple options provided) was an easy process. Would be ordering more in future.

Far beyond satisfied

So much care put in to every aspect of the shop. Fast shipping, beautiful specimens, thorough customer support, and very generous extras. No funny business, just a person spreading knowledge and resource of something they’re so passionate about. (and doing a beautiful job)

My go to vendor

I have been using this store since 2019 and never have had a problem. The orders are always well packaged and arrive in a timely fashion. It amazes me that this is a one person shop. MMM thanks for running a killer business and I look forward to ordering again in the future.


Thank you for how quickly you get products delivered and always right on point ty MMM you rock!!

MushroomMan Mycology
OSOS Research
Excellent all around

Great customer service, speed of delivery, extras, and extras. And seems like a great dude. What more do you want?

Fast and helpful

I was looking for some gourmet rtf blocks, to see if my family could handle mushroom growing. the blocks are superb, and are alrdy fruiting. in the future, when I decide to start from the beginning, I will be purchasing gourmet cultures from MMM. OH! and I should mention, I purchased over the Labor day sale, and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with the freebies included! I used UGOTBANK (formerly MESH) for my payment, and while pricey, between the freebies and the knowledge my payment was secure, made this an easy purchase. Thank you, and I will be purchasing again.

My freebie was my best syringe!

The quality and service of MMM are amazing and the freebies have given me an opportunity to examine spores I wouldn’t normally order. The Cambodian Gold syringe that was included as a freebie ended up being my favorite specimen. MMM is now my go-to spore provider.

Super fast shipping! Great Selection

Super fast shipping, everything came and looked great! Love the selection! Definitely going to be returning asap!

MushroomMan Mycology
Optimus Prime
Gem of a bloke!

Top man, very prompt (like, I couldn’t belive the order already arrived!) and perfectly polite and friendly personal service. I felt very confident ordering from the Mushroom Man