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Pictures are welcomed! But please do not post photos of anything implying cultivation of actives or it will be removed, please post microscopy photos of your samples or photos of the items/collectors cards etc! I have a freebie program for repeat customers who leave a review (see below) and I will be using this review system from now on to keep account of that.

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ANY previous customers who have left a review:

Free vendors choice active spore syringe with your next order- US legal states only. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of $100 or more will get a second item :).
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Based on 3202 reviews

Fast shipping, products as described

Very good order

Arrived on time, good quality spores

So Simple

Can't believe how simple it was and how fast everything came. Highly recommend.

MushroomMan Mycology
Damien Signs

These spores preform perfectly as expected

Polite and Professional

Ordering from MMM was a breeze. Emails I sent were responded to swiftly and courteously, and I received my order quickly. The packaging was simple, but showed no signs that anything unfortunate happened to the samples in transit, and I definitely appreciated the extras thrown in! Thanks!

MushroomMan Mycology
Evan Duswalt
Extremely fast shipping

I have been getting my supplies from MMM for over a year. Never had a bad experience. Every purchase has always had extra supplies in it.
Made the mistake of trying a different supplier once and learned that I should have just stuck with MMM because his product are obviously superior to the other.


I've ordered twice from MMM, both exactly as described and promptly delivered. Will be ordering again. Thank you!

MushroomMan Mycology
Robert Hodge
Great Service

It was my first time placing an order and it took me a bit to figure out how to go from sporetraders to his page to order. I left him a message late at night before I figured it out and got a response early the next morning after already placing my order. After that it was easy as pie and the instructions for using cash app were very easy. My order arrived by the end of the week and contained some extra items and cool extras. I have watched people order from him even prior to the name change for almost 2 years and I chose him because everyone had great reviews. I honestly only remember one problem being posted and the customer still gave a high rating because it was handled quickly to his satisfaction. I will be a return customer and can't wait to study my samples.

Fast shipping, great spores

This store was very easy to order from, the shipping was fast, and the customer service was great. I will be ordering again!

MushroomMan Mycology
Emma Mandella
Great Service!

Shipped very quickly and came perfectly in-tact, website was very accessible as well-- will definitely be ordering again!

MMM you are the best!

I’ve been searching for an honest company that would be able to fulfill my orders so that I can continue to add to my collection of samples. I sent cash by mail and had no issue receiving my order once they received payment. -the order got to me faster than the payment made it to them! Thanks USPS for your prompt service… just kidding..
But I’m not kidding about MMM!
Highly recommend for your collection.

MushroomMan Mycology
Derek Harper
Great product!

Was shipped to me very quickly! Packaging was perfect, even came with some freebies and a little origami star:):)

Quick and Great Service

I got my spores probably a week after i placed the order. Everything came in intact with sterilized syringes. It's definitely worth the money and I will be coming back to buy more. I'm no expert but they look like good quality. Very trustworthy vendor and payment was extremely reliable. Its been a week and a day since I receieved the package and I already see progress with my b+ spores. very nice guy and i got a cute mushroom sticker as well!

Fast, Secure, and Reliable

This is my second time ordering from MMM666, and I am 100% satisfied with the process and the products. The specimens I received are of the utmost quality, and shipping times were very fast. I am happy to have found this website!

Very Nice!

Order arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. Clarity regarding the status of my order was also excellent. My one complaint, however, is a small lack of clarity on the website. This was my first time ordering spores or cultures of any kind and I assumed that the agar wedges I ordered would be on a plate and ready to inoculate some grain spawn. My lack of experience played a role, of course, but some added visual clarity or more detailed descriptions would make your site a lot more friendly to new users. My criticism was pretty long winded, but that’s just because I had more to say about it. Overall, I had a very good experience with your service.

Thank you for your order, support, and review!

To clarify, the website says agar wedge and the products say agar wedge, so it is not a plate. The gourmet product page also says the wedges are 'colonized agar cut to fit into a 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube'.

I always suggest clarifying with a seller if you are unclear about something!
Please email me if you have suggestions about how to better clarify the products in a way that would have helped you, I always aim to improve 🙂

Also don't forget when you order again to mention this review and get a freebie with your future orders!

Thank you again for your honest feedback 🙂

PS- you can put the agar wedge directly to grain! I recommend putting it to fresh agar to expand and store first, but each wedge could even be cut in half and inoculate 2 grain containers.

Could not ask for more

Put in my order through the website and payed through cash app. Everything worked flawlessly. I received all my products exactly when the tracker said they would come. Everything was perfect and the freebies where an awesome bonus. Will be purchasing again, no doubt about it.

Amazing product, fast shipping, and great customer service

Ordering from the website is very simple and the website itself is accessible, which I greatly appreciate. The products are in great condition, arrive in a timely manner, and the customer service is great! MMM has definitely become a staple vendor.

Safe and secure

easy to use website and fast shipping. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I loved my vendors choice extras.

Look no further

I would compare mushroomman to, The process could not have been easier. I would like to add that I felt safe ordering from here & I am now a return customer.


Have ordered from this vendor multiple times as well as others, and this by far has been the best. Fast shipping and high quality. Zero issues

Excellent product and service

Another satisfied customer, mushroomman is simply the best!

MushroomMan Mycology
Seth Jackson
Great product and service

No complaints of any kind. Only praise.

MushroomMan Mycology
Caleb Vernlund
Perfect! Like always!

I've purchased from mushroomman 3 times in total. I've always recieved the product on time and in perfect condition. This time I bought McKennai and Golden Teacher spores. I'd recommend this seller to anyone.

reliable and fast

ordered twice and shipments came quickly and reliably, will definitely order here in the future.

Great Product/Fast Shipping

Second time ordering syringes from here! Can’t go wrong buying from this vendor. Product exactly as described. Never had any issues from this vendor or the syringes. Shipping was very fast!