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Review and Referral Programs

Referral Program
(see below for Review Program)

We are pleased to begin a referral program! This program will offer deals and freebies for old customers who bring in new customers. This is the first time I am implementing this (Aug 2021) so please provide feedback and check for changes to the program and make sure repeat customers also take advantage of the Review Program (see below)!

Referral Program Details:

As part of the referral program: Existing customers receive 5% off a future order for each new customer referral. This is stackable up to 50% on any future order under $1000. There may be some items for which this discount is not able to be applied.
As part of the referral program: New customers receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with their first purchase from MushroomMan Mycology (international new customers receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore swab)! This is in addition to any other freebies offered at the time of purchase through sales or based on the payment type etc.

To qualify: Existing customers need to let parties interested in mycology and microscopy products to checkout MushroomMan Mycology. When the new customer places an order on the website, they must include the email of the existing customer in the note section at checkout, or email me ( within 1 hour of placing their order with the email of the existing customer who referred them. The email should be the same email the existing customer used to place their order.
The new customer will receive the freebie on their order automatically (place the order on the website for whatever you want to pay for) and the existing customer will be emailed to let them know they have an additional 5% referral discount.
Existing customers that want to use referral discounts need to reply to the email I send them with their referral amount to use it- please contact me before placing your order so I can instruct you on how to redeem your referral discount(s). The discount can be used in conjunction with any sales/review freebies/payment freebies offered at the time the new order is placed.

Anyone found to be taking advantage of the referral program will be banned and current orders cancelled and refunded.


Review Program and Reviews

Hey all! Please do not forget to leave a review after you receive and examine your order, I am treating these like a general review about the entire ordering process and product etc. There are also specific product reviews which are are appreciated as well, but please only leave 1 review per order. NO MENTION OF CULTIVATION OF ACTIVES PERIOD. Feel free to review both the item and the general order experience within the product review.

Pictures are welcomed! But please do not post photos of anything implying cultivation of actives or it will be removed, please post microscopy photos of your samples or photos of the items/collectors cards etc! I have a freebie program for repeat customers who leave a review (see below) and I will be using this review system from now on to keep account of that.

We also greatly appreciate reviews/shoutouts on discord, through Instagram (@mushroommanmycology) or wherever you found us/want to share, including r/sporetraders; however, only reviews posted here are eligible for the review reward program. 

We reached 2700 reviews on reddit before the website system was live and we include that number in our total reviews (2700 plus any reviews logged here). We are currently at 9500+ reviews (May 23rd, 2023)! 


ANY previous customers who have left a review:

Receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with your next order- US legal states only. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of $100 or more will get at least a second freebie item, although it may be different than a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe :).

To take advantage of the offer:

1) Please leave an official review on the website (1 review per order, item or shop level review is ok) after checking out your first order. Use the same email you used to place the order. You will be prompted to do so via email 2 weeks after your order ships, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam/promotions folder. You can also leave a review directly on the website but I prefer for you to use the email system as it means the review is verified 🙂

2) Place your new order for the items you want to pay for and pay for the order. Make sure to include a note about your previous review in the Checkout notes (bottom of the page after your addresses).

3) Forward me (mushroommanmycology@gmail.comthe new order confirmation email OR put the new order number in a new email and let me know you have left a review from a previous order. Please send from the same email you used to leave the review and place the new order with and put “review freebie” somewhere in the email-

The email is a critical step if you do not mention your past review in the order notes at checkout (Step 2 above). Otherwise I may not recognize you as a past customer!

Based on 6809 reviews

I ordered a cordyceps LC syringe and it worked completely, theyre not done fruiting yet but I havent gotten any contamination, though unfortunately i did get a lot of bottom pins lol 🙂
really cool dude.

MushroomMan Mycology
Jason Whitson
Best Customer Service Anywhere

This place has good ol’ fashioned friendly customer service. I had a few issues with my first payment method. I had an email response with a solution in no time at all. I got my order placed and it was followed up on.

MushroomMan Mycology
Wyatt Rodriguez
MMM is the best there is!

I recently purchased from MMM and was blown away by the exceptional customer service and quality control. From the moment I placed my order, MMM kept me updated on the status of my shipment and provided me with all the information I needed to track my package.

When my product arrived, I was thrilled to see that it was even better than I had expected. The quality of the syringes were top-notch, and it was clear that they had taken great care to ensure that everything was perfect.

But what really impressed me was the level of customer service I received. When I had a question about my order, I reached out to MMM and he went above and beyond to ensure that my issue was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.

Overall, I would highly recommend buying to anyone looking for a high-quality product and exceptional customer service. It’s clear that he takes great pride in his work and truly cares about his customers’ satisfaction. Thank you again MMM for providing such a wonderful experience!”

MushroomMan Mycology
Nick Buonauro
Consistently Awesome

I’ve been a customer for years and will continue to be. Thanks for the quick and friendly experience this time and the years of fun mycology experiences.

No complaints

MushroomMan Mycology
Jeff Bontrager
Great vendor

Best vendor I have found and the prices are unbeatable.

10 Stars Servicw

Best Online Service I’ve Ever Experienced. Super Simple And Super Fast with EVERYTHING . I’d definitely make this my main site to purchase from , here on out . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m satisfied.

I’m so glad I bought from this vendor! The spores were healthy and should yield some interesting research. It took some time for me but sometimes we have to be patient and look through the right lens. As an beginner mycologist I’m excited to see what I can learn from my Golden Teacher spores.

Also, the customer service was great! I got my order processed fairly quickly and I got a sticker included which was a nice touch. If I ever need more spores for research, this is where I’m shopping.

Awesome vendor!

I have ordered twice now and received wonderful products! Whenever I had questions or problems with my order MMM responded quickly and kindly. Will be buying more in the future for sure!

Outstanding professionalism.

Not only was MMM’s response time quick and cordial, the whole transaction was perhaps the most professional online purchase experience i’ve had. they were quick to send and edit my invoice when requested along with providing a tracking number for my peace of mind. The product was clearly packaged and handled with care, something Amazon cant seem to achieve. 10/10 would and will buy from them again.

MushroomMan Mycology
jasper coughlin
five stars!

the customer service is amazing! extremely flexible and patient

Great service

Can’t speak highly enough about this great service. In the multiple orders (20-25) syringes l have not found a single contaminant. Shipping is fast. And best of all mmm is responsive to questions via email quickly!!
Thank you so much mmm. Mush love!

The Lions mane block is going great after 2, gonna harvest soon!

The lions mane block was such a great purchase and I ordered traders choice 5 syringes with one gourmet and received a bunch of feebies!

Outstanding products and customer service

If you’re looking for any spores, look no further. This is the place to shop! I’m a repeat customer and will never order from anywhere else!


Great service tons of options and super competitive if not the best prices! Have already been a repeat customer and will continue to be for a long time to come!! Thank you MMM!!

Awesome company

Fast, easy service.
Great communication.
Only two weeks shipping to NZ.
Highly recommend this fantastic site
Mush love

Very Happy

Order arrived promptly and well packaged. Communication was great and everyone’s reviews really helped me feel comfortable ordering from MMM. Very satisfied and glad I found your site. Thank you!


There’s a lady who’s sure. All that glitters is gold. And she’s buying a stairway to heaven. When she gets there she knows. If the stores are all closed with a word she can get what she came for. And that’s exactly what this man did. I said the word. He opened up the store. Good ppl. Good product. Fast shipping. Kinda trolly review. Apologies. It’s in my nature. I’m like 10 mentally. Seriously though. If you want good stuff. This is the guy. Started as a humble reddit spore trader. Made his name and leveled up. Congrats and keep on truckin!

Customer Service Master

Mushroom Man should teach a master class in customer service. He takes care of his customers in a way that just makes you want to support him.

Very satisfied!

I had been out of the hobby for a while and decided to get back into it and ordered from MMM for the first time a few weeks ago and I’ve been very pleased! I decided to pay cash by mail because who doesn’t want money off in addition to freebies?? Communication was fast and helpful and I received my order about a week after dropping my payment in the mailbox. TBH it’s kind of refreshing to use cash for something! Also, I really liked the vendors choice freebies I received – gave me a chance to study some strains I didn’t consider before, but they ended up working out great! I will definitely be placing another order soon!

Great customer service and fast shipping

So glad I heard of MMM will definitely order again!

MushroomMan Mycology
Mark Trujillo
Great Customer Service!

Definitely will be a repeat customer and fast shipping!

MushroomMan Mycology
Jeffery Alvey
Fast shipping and clean spores

order arrived early in great shape and spores have allready been found on the slides

Satisfied Noob

First-time researcher and first-time purchaser from MMM. Excellent experience all-around. I’m a small business owner myself, and I love to see other small operations producing great experiences. I had questions prior to ordering which were answered very quickly. Communication throughout the entire process was prompt and friendly. Ordering was simple. I love the plethora of payment options – I used CashApp with great success. Order was shipped on time (be sure to check out the shipping schedule information to set a good expectation for your order) and arrived a day earlier than expected. Packaging was discreet and effective. I purchased syringes of Golden Teacher spores and my order came with a Vendor’s Choice syringe. Z-Strain! Never heard of it, but after reading about it I’m quite excited! I have only used 1 of my syringes so far but the results have been excellent; The solution seemed to be well-mixed. Would definitely recommend MMM to anyone, and I’ll be a repeat customer in the future when the time arrives. Thanks!

Best of the best

I placed an order a few months ago and was on the hunt for some gourmet liquid cultures. I found myself back here because of the previous smooth transaction. Wonderful service, I’m happy to spend my money here. I’m looking forward to experiencing your gourmet options!