Reviews & Referrals

Reviews and Referral Programs

Referral Program
(see below for Review Program)

We are pleased to begin a referral program! This program will offer deals and freebies for old customers who bring in new customers. This is the first time I am implementing this (Aug 2021) so please provide feedback and check for changes to the program and make sure repeat customers also take advantage of the Review Program (see below)!

Referral Program Details:

As part of the referral program: Existing customers receive 5% off a future order for each new customer referral. This is stackable up to 50% on any future order under $1000. There may be some items for which this discount is not able to be applied.
As part of the referral program: New customers receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with their first purchase from MushroomMan Mycology! This is in addition to any other freebies offered at the time of purchase through sales or based on the payment type etc.

To qualify: Existing customers need to let parties interested in mycology and microscopy products to checkout MushroomMan Mycology. When the new customer places an order on the website, they must include the email of the existing customer in the note section at checkout, or email me ( within 1 hour of placing their order with the email of the existing customer who referred them. The email should be the same email the existing customer used to place their order.
The new customer will receive the freebie on their order automatically (place the order on the website for whatever you want to pay for) and the existing customer will be emailed to let them know they have a 5% referral.
Existing customers that want to use referral discounts need to reply to the email I send them with their referral amount to use it- please contact me before placing your order so I can instruct you on how to redeem your referral discount(s). The discount can be used in conjunction with any sales/review freebies/MR freebies offered at the time the new order is placed.

Anyone found to be taking advantage of the referral program will be banned and current orders cancelled and refunded.

Review Program and Reviews

Hey all! Please do not forget to leave a review after you receive and examine your order, I am treating these like a general review about the entire ordering process and product etc. There are also specific product reviews which are are appreciated as well, but please only leave 1 review per order. NO MENTION OF CULTIVATION OF ACTIVES PERIOD. Feel free to review both the item and the general order experience within the product review.

Pictures are welcomed! But please do not post photos of anything implying cultivation of actives or it will be removed, please post microscopy photos of your samples or photos of the items/collectors cards etc! I have a freebie program for repeat customers who leave a review (see below) and I will be using this review system from now on to keep account of that.

We also greatly appreciate reviews/shoutouts on discord, through Instagram (@mushroommanmycology) or wherever you found us/want to share; however, only reviews posted here are eligible for the review reward program. 

We reached 2700 reviews on reddit before the website system was live and we include that number in our total reviews (2700 plus any reviews logged here). We are currently at 8765+ reviews (Jan, 6 2023)! 


ANY previous customers who have left a review:

Receive a free Vendor’s Choice spore syringe with your next order- US legal states only. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of $100 or more will get at least a second freebie item, although it may be different than a Vendor’s Choice spore syringe :).

To take advantage of the offer:

1) Please leave an official review on the website (1 review per order, item or shop level review is ok) after checking out your first order. Use the same email you used to place the order. You will be prompted to do so via email 2 weeks after your order ships, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam/promotions folder. You can also leave a review directly on the website but I prefer for you to use the email system as it means the review is verified 🙂

2) Place your new order for the items you want to pay for and pay for the order. Make sure to include a note about your previous review in the Checkout notes (bottom of the page after your addresses).

3) Forward me (mushroommanmycology@gmail.comthe new order confirmation email OR put the new order number in a new email and let me know you have left a review from a previous order. Please send from the same email you used to leave the review and place the new order with and put “review freebie” somewhere in the email-

The email is a critical step if you do not mention your past review in the order notes at checkout (Step 2 above). Otherwise I may not recognize you as a past customer!

Based on 6207 reviews
Excellent Customer Service, Prompt Shipping, and Great Products

I ordered quite a bit and I was completely satisfied with my order. Not only did the products ship out quickly, but I received a very quick email response due to a coupon discount not working which was later applied manually. Needless to say, the overall experience was easy, fast, and I am super thankful to have been given a freebie syringe in my order! Thank you!

Amazing Customer Service and Products

I recently placed an order through MMM and I was greatly satisfied with my experience. The order was easy to place and all further instructions were well explained and easy to follow. I chose to go with the cash by mail payment method and despite there being a stigma against sending money through the mail it went very smoothly. MM answered all of the questions I had (which were many) in a timely manner and I felt very confident in my money reaching them and my order being completed without issues. Even after the order had been completed and my products arrived, MM continued to communicate with me to ensure I was happy with my purchase. 10 out of 10 experience overall!

Short and simple

Very prompt with everything.
I will order from here, everytime I need anything.
Thank you

Mush appreciated!

Everything was wonderful, great customer service!

MushroomMan Mycology
Wes Kaintuck
This is the place

Customer service that goes above and beyond the rest. Fast delivery. Not too mention how well you’re taken care of….I ordered 2 MSS, got 2 freebie MSS, and a free swab. I felt like my freebies were personally curated MMM as they fit the description of what I would have paid for. MMM goes above and beyond the rest….glad I found a place I want to give all of my mycology business to. This man does God’s work!

MushroomMan Mycology
Jonathan Wachal
LC and ready to fruit block

By far the best Syringes I’ve looked at under the scope and the ready-to-fruit block (reishi) was in absolute perfect condition after shipping looking forward to more business. Totally recommend it to people that are new and nervous about buying. Extremely fast shipping and just overall perfect.

<3 Mush love MMM

Good shit my guy

Fast delivery, fast customer service

Good prices, best quality

I ordered a variety of spore products and paid for them by MR. They shipped quickly, arrived well packaged and in great condition. I’ll definitely be coming back.


First time customer and my order came quickly and safely! I bought blue oyster and chestnut agar wedges for the first time and they took off quickly after being transferred to a fresh agar plate! The prices are great and the stickers and freebie tossed in were a wonderful surprise! 10/10 experience! Will definitely buy from again!

I don't believe in god but ON GOD

best person to support. mmm666 has your back no matter what! true G! thank you bro!

the man the myth the legend

best person to deal with! always a pleasure. can’t thank you enough for all the years of loyalty. thank you mmm666! <3

They'reeeee Greeaaatt

Everything looks clean. Had an issue with USPS (not Mushroom Man Myco) and MMM went above and beyond. Orders ship quickly and come with cool little collectors card printouts to look at. Very excited to see these oysters, namekos and reishis.

Mushroom Man Mycology

Fast shipping and good communication. Heard by word of mouth and would definitely recommend.

Quick and timely

Mid-winter up north which can be sketchy ordering spores lest they freeze. We had some unseasonably warm weather in the forecast so I put an order. Shipped right on schedule and I tracked them to the mailbox and snatched them before they could freeze. I know I could have payed for the insulated shipping option but I’m cheap and it’s still a risk. I haven’t had time to study them yet but they look cleanly put together and the nice bonus spores will be fun to play with! Thanks MM!

Great customer service

The company is super fast and friendly. I really appreciate you taking the time out to send me the information I need to make an informed decision. Quality products with great sterile tech, you can’t go wrong. Thanks again!

Great service

MMM was quick to answer my questions

MR payment worked well

Shipping prints across the globe was fast and efficient

MushroomMan Mycology
Kerby Morton
100% satisfaction with mmm

Have done business with MMM a few times now and have been extremely satisfied with all transactions. I highly recommend this shop. Great communication and fast shipping. A+

Science is Fun

My order (with plenty if freebies thanks to various programs) shipped quickly and safely! I haven’t had a chance to fully examine each of the different spores, but I have done slides for the swab and waiting for it to be ready to view. Each sample is sent with a small sheet of paper with info on the strain/cultivar. I can’t wait to get the rest of my observation station set up to compare spores.

10/10 would recommend and buy again!

MushroomMan Mycology
rico lyletti

beautiful spores indeed . i love it . came quick

Great Shop

Everything arrived in good shape. I will definitely be ordering from this shop again.

Great products, fantastic service, can't say enough good things about MMM

Order arrived quickly (with free stickers!), products are great, and above all the customer service was stellar. Communication was helpful, quick, and very polite. You can tell how passionate MM is about what he does just from the website, but I think his passion truly shines in his direct communications. I would not hesitate to order again and I will be recommending MMM to every fungi fan I know. Truly the best shop in the game.

Great Service

Professional service, great communication, and even a fun bonus! Very happy that I chose MMM. I used cash by mail. Absolutely 5 stars.

MushroomMan Mycology
Marco Larrasquitu

Fast shipping and great communication!

Great products!

Great products! Repeat customer.


Order came in super quick, they go ahead give u some awesome stickers went ahead and put mines on my laptop;)
quality has not failed me and dont think it will from them and also very responsive team when u need help would recommend if you looking to purchase