Modified Mycology Lid (Wide Mouth)


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This item is a plastic one piece lid for wide mouth jars (Ball, Kerr, etc). It can be autoclaved (sterilized) and used for grain, agar, or liquid culture (LC) jars.

The lid is modified with a 1/4″ hole covered with a filter for gas exchange and a self healing injection port. The port location is easily identified by a mound (see photo below).

These are made in house and are the same ones MMM uses to prepare grain, LCs, and distilled water for spore syringes.

Ask for discounts on 5 + 10 packs!

We always recommend using large gauge needles (small bore) to reduce damage to the self healing injection port. When treated correctly the port should last for at least 25+ injections and sterilization cycles.
Weight 170 g

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a creative solution to an undercooked problem

its simple, it does the job
I like how the injection site reseals and you don't have to worry about contamination
no more flipping the lid waiting on my oysters!

Christian Womble
Not yet, but good to go

I haven't used it yet, but my product came in promptly and in good order. I will order other things from this vendor.

Marcus Bachelier
Great lids cheap price

I really like these plastic lids much better than the regular mason jar lids

Clean design; quality materials

I utilized a special discount offer at check out for one modified mycology lid (wide mouth). I skeptically decided to purchase one to trial the product. I was extremely impressed by the clean and simple design, the quality of materials and construction, the discounted price and most importantly the effectiveness of the design. 100%.