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Update Halloween, 2023: The last batch of PF Classic was made recently. This variety will sell out in the next 1-4 weeks. Be sure to add PF Classic to your spore collection now as it is unclear when it will be available again in spore syringe form. Add a PF Classic spore syringe directly to your order as it is no longer available as vendor’s choice, or in Vendor’s Choice Packs, but it will be included in the Vendor’s Choice and Full Libraries until it sells out.

Psilocybe cubensis var “PF Classic” is a great variety with beautiful prints. For more details on the varieties history, see this excerpt taken directly from Rose’s Advanced Strain Guide:

“PF Classic is a sentimental favorite among many Cubensis enthusiasts. It is a classic cube and often a fatass (short and fat). PF Classic peaked in popularity in the late 1990’s through 2002.

According to Workman, “PF “Classic” was initially purchased by PF from the Homestead Company (one of the few cubensis spore sources at the time) around 1990. No one seems to be sure where the original wild spores were collected, but it has been suggested that they are of Matias Romero stock, which it does resemble.”

The entire catalogue of PF Brand spores was almost lost to degeneration. Some wonder if the degeneration was due to black light exposure… but Workman suspects the PF ‘strains’ are all infected with a fungal virus… which may contribute to PF Classic’s propensity to mutate (PF Classic has spawned the PF Albino AND the PF Redspore) and degenerate.

PF Classic is not known to produce many spores. You may have to wait longer for PF Classic spore production to begin, than with most cubes. Once the veil breaks and the cap extends, you still may have to wait an extra day or so… before sporulation.”

A variety with an interesting past, a must have for any serious collector.
PF Classic may be shortened to PFC or PF C.


All spore syringes are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only.
Each spore syringe is 10 mL and comes capped with a separate sterile 18 g needle.

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The product looks great under the microscope, and has been an excellent study! I paid using Zelle, which was very fluid and convenient.
That said, the service experience has been a macro success. The communication has been top notch - which seems to have become a lot less common, these days. Always quick, smart responses. I appreciate the dedication to the science of mycology, the variety available for slide microscopy, and the excellent service!
Very impressed. I’ll do business here again, without doubt.
Thank you.

MMM is aMMMazing :3

Paid via MR, quick shipping and got beautiful looking syringes! MMM is the vendor for all your microscopy needs!
I had a minor confusion with payment methods and MMM was very helpful and responsive about that as well!
Mush love~

MMM Is The Vendor For Me

His website is easy to navigate, he has multiple options for products AND payments. His communication is next level. If you're on the fence about purchasing just do it, you will not regret it. There's no reason to look anywhere else for my microscopy research when such a well rounded communicative vendor like MMM exists.

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Prompt shipping, item exactly as described, helpful vendor, glad to see this seller is still making moves! Good on them because they do not disappoint. Kind and professional, and an easy buy!

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My product came in perfect condition and on time. I was constantly updated on its status while shipping and any potential changes to its schedule far ahead of time. Highest Recommendation.

Excellent Supplier!

MMM has proven to be an excellent vendor of mycology supplies with quality products at a reasonable price along with prompt and courteous service!

I received a freebie of PF Classic spores which is an exciting addition to my collection due to its historical import.

As MMM says, mush love!