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The last batch of Psilocybe cyanescens spore syringes is now available. Get it before it sells out!

Psilocybe cyanescens, not to be confused with Panaeolus cyanescens- see here for Pan cyan samples, is a woodlover species that is thought to be native to the Pacific Northwest of USA; however, it is also found around parts of Europe, Western Asia, and New Zealand. This species varies in spore characteristics from P. cubensis and offers a great comparison. These samples were collected 2021 in Oregon from wild specimens.

The spore solution video for the most recent batch can be seen here.


All spore syringes are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only.
Each spore syringe is 10 mL and comes capped with a separate sterile 18 g needle.


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Ben Colby
Very Pleased

Customer service is great. Good communication and shipping was fast. Visible spores floating in syringe with naked eye. Fantastic freebies. Will be back as soon.

Daniel Goldsworthy
Once again wonderful!

Every time I get a sample for study it is clean! Not once has a sample arrived with any issue! When looking at the slides the descriptions of the spores that are sent are very accurate. Oh, and the ordering is so very simple and easy to do. And let's just admit it MMM always sends me a little extra and very cool stickers because who doesn't like stickers! I have ordered several times now and I will keep on ordering from this very reliable vender!


Very happy with this transaction. Everything came fast and clean. Love the freebies! Will be back!

Night Cap
I tip my cap to this vender.

I received everything as promised. All clean, fast and reliable. Zero issues. Two thumbs up for the mushroom man. I’ll be back.

Hiedi Watts
Smushroom Perfecto!!!

Absolutely satisfied and truly excited spore visibility. I couldn't be happier.

Quick and Clean

I am a repeat customer who is very impressed by these products. The communication is good, the products are clean, and the delivery is reliably fast. Excellent vendor who takes great care! Enjoy!