Pioppino (Black Poplar) Liquid Culture (LC)


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Cyclocybe aegerita– Also known scientifically in the past as Agrocybe cylindraceaAgrocybe aegerita or Pholiota aegerita although it is in the Cyclocybe genus.

Known commonly as Pioppino, Velvet Pioppino, or Black Poplar.

Fruits best at 50-60°F, but can fruit into the mid 60’s and low 70’s.

Bag opened for air to let pinset grow1 Day after bag opened for air to let pinset grow
2 Days after bag opened for air to let pinset grow

Image 4) Second flush from same block


All gourmet liquid cultures (LCs) are provided with a 16g needle (in the manufacturer’s packaging) and come in 10 mL capped syringes. They will be labelled on the plunger and are grown in a 2% malt extract solution. Shake well before use.

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Great service

I am new to growing mushrooms and one of my challenges has been getting cultures when I want them. Since I am new I don't have much growing. It is hard for me to wait weeks to get a new culture to start on. MushroomMan Mycology is fast, Both of my orders were ready and shipped out the next day and they came with bonus free syringes. Payment was easy to setup, no problems. This is my go to supplier.