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Spore prints are single prints on foil.
Spores are for microscopy/art/collection purposes only as specified in the TOS.

Click the product page for full description of variety/species and details about history of this variety/species.

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Psilocybe cubensis var “Syzygy” is allegedly a variety that the McKenna brothers in Hawaii were working on. This variety reportedly was resurrected from a 12 year old print with Terrance’s handwriting on it and were then spread around the world through FSRE. Syzygy was originally thought lost, but is now an amazing piece of history to have in your collection. Don’t let Syzygy get lost again and add a Syzygy spore syringe to your order today.


These prints are smaller than most MMM prints; however, usually multiple prints are included in one $12.50 print.

Spore prints are single prints on foil.
Spore prints are sent in a ziplock bag with “Microscopy use only” written on the ziplock.
Spore prints will be labelled with an acronym for the variety or with the full variety name or, if it is a single print, the ziplock may be labelled.
Due to environmental, genetic, and other conditions, the phenotype contained within the spores may be different than the collector’s card image. All varieties, especially mutant ones, are vetted to ensure the correct genetics are being sold.

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Matthew Thompson
exciting addition to my library

An exciting piece of history for my collection. I paid cash to get a discount and a freebie. I've ordered from MMM enough times that I trusted him, and it paid off! I wasn't concerned, but it's still good to know you can trust some people!