Turkey Tail Plug Spawn

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Plug Spawn-
The plug spawn (also called dowel spawn) offered is a bag of ~100 ct plugs (by weight). They can be used immediately or kept in the fridge for 2-6 months (potentially 1+ year but using ASAP is best). The plugs are 1/4″ in diameter and 1″ long.
Use plug spawn to inoculate freshly cut hardwood logs (do not let sit more than 1-2 months). 100 plugs will inoculate 3-4 logs that are 4-6″ in diameter and 2′ in length. More plugs per log increases chances of colonization and may reduce colonization times- I recommend more plugs per log for new growers.
I can sell 300+ plugs at a discounted cost (mix and match any species currently available) and can take custom orders for larger plug numbers at reduced rates. Contact me if interested.

I encourage customers to look up log cultivation methods- it is usually 6-12 months to fruit and logs sometimes need to be soaked to allow fruiting. I do not offer a guide currently but I hope to link one here in the near future.



Trametes versicolor
Fruits best at 65-75°F, can fruit from ~50-85 but time/form may differ at extremes.
Can take 3-8 weeks to mature during fruiting.
Primordia formation in vitro. Rosettes will continue to form from the primordia or shelves will form if plastic cut along side

Shelves grown by Knives V. Wolfram

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