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Psilocybe cubensis var “Z-Strain” is a variety originally sold by a vendor known as Kreeper. There is some controversy over the origins of this variety as Keeper was known to order spores from other vendors (like Hawkeye) and rebrand them. Regardless, Z-Strain has stood the test of time and has beautiful spores. A staple and much loved variety by beginners and advanced microscopists alike.


Spore prints are single prints on foil.
Spore prints are sent in a ziplock bag with “Microscopy use only” written on the ziplock.

Spore prints will be labelled with an acronym for the variety or with the full variety name or, if it is a single print, the ziplock may be labelled.

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Impressed once again. Received my Z-Strain spore print in TWO days. Not only did it arrive early, it was accompanied by a much appreciated freebie from the great MMM. Everything from selecting and adding the item to my cart to pulling the package out of my mailbox was hassle free. That includes choosing the legitimately safe and effective MR payment method, as well as being immediately attended to by customer service at checkout.
And let's not forget the most important part; the top quality product provided by MMM!
When it comes to MMM, I highly recommend! I know I'll be back again.


Although I am skeptical by nature about these types of endeavors, I was pleased with the items I received. The preference is as one would expect and the service was first rate. After placing my order through Affirm, it took approximately 3 days for me to receive my prints. I have since placed 2 additional orders and received one and await the other. Will continue to source supplies from this site. Thanks.

Joshua Badure

The print was thicc and pretty damn big. I usually go through MM666 for most of my spores because he's literally the only person who is consistent and has a good stock. Dude knows what he's doing 100%. 10/10 would recommend and will be buying again and again and again.

Only the best

Absolute top quality.

Top Quality Print

I purchased 2 prints, z strain and B+. I found the prints to be of great quality, thick dark prints. I purchased them using my credit card, All interactions with MMM were professional responsible and easy. I am 100% satisfied and will continue purchasing from MMM in the future.

Tanya Shaw
Dense, thick spore prints

I’ve placed at least a dozen orders from MMM and his prints are great. So many spores preserved pristinely, they resemble fake eyelashes. The last print provided me with 3 times as many slides as a syringe of the same type. Highly recommend.