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Pleurotus ostreatus var columbinus
AKA Blue Oyster

Prefers colder temps (50-60°F is best) than a standard pearl oyster (60-75°F).


All gourmet liquid cultures (LCs) are provided with a 16g needle (in the manufacturer’s packaging) and come in 10 mL capped syringes. They will be labelled on the plunger and are grown in a 2% malt extract solution. Shake well before use.

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Angelina Boulware
Multiple gourmet review

Everything I ordered was great the blue oyster are very aggressive. Sadly the king oysters I ordered I couldn't get anything but bacteria when putting it to agar. Not sure why that was the only one doing that but all in all a great vendor.

Thanks for your review and support my friend!

This is mostly for those reading the reviews but if anyone has issues with contamination, especially gourmets, I am more than happy to replace the culture. Just see the Terms of Service for the info I need to sort it all out and let me know ASAP when you have the issue.

I'll add an extra gourmet culture to your new order since you purchased a new King wedge in this order

Great culture

Great blue oyster culture. Fruited many blocks from the genetics


Paid cash by mail. Awesome specimen and speedy delivery. Thanks!

Quick service with out issues

I ordered this syringe for use with all in one grow bags. I'm still new to mycology but it's turning out to be a fun hobby to learn about. This syringe was easy to use. Payment was also a breeze using Mesh and this vendor offers several payment methods that are clearly explained in the directions. I'll definitely be coming back for more!

Quality as always!

Expanded my syringe into some more Liquid Culture (only used 1cc) and it’s already almost fully colonized! Strong genetics here. Thanks Mushroom Man!

Paul W
Great Stuff!

I've been working with cultures for a few years now and find these to be very consistent and more so than others I've purchased from other vendors. Service is great and the product also.