Black Pearl Oyster Agar Wedge

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Pleurotus ostreatus var “Black Pearl”- This is a relatively new variety of oyster which is a cross between an Asian and European Pleurotus ostreatus. In higher CO2 conditions the stems become meaty and thick like a king oyster (see images below); however, this variety is much easier to fruit than king oyster. See what phenotypes you get and share with us!

Black Pearl Oyster fruits best between 60-70°F but can fruit in the 50’s.

Black Pearl Oyster top fruiting from Ready-to-Fruit 3lb block.. Large meaty stems. More King oyster phenotype Fruited from 50-60°F in modified monotub with King Oyster thick stem phenotype.

Same block as above but second flush, also fruited from 50-60°F in modified monotub with more of a canonical Oyster cluster phenotype.

d3dcomplx grew these King Oyster thick stem phenotype Black Pearl Oysters from a Ready-to-Fruit block


All agar wedges are colonized agar pieces cut to fit in a 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube and are shipped with parafilm. The species is written on the tube.
Agar wedge orders ship Thursdays only.

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Interesting mushroom, great shipping and fast colonization!

Just got this wedge a couple weeks back and so excited to work on it. Already threw it in agar and was surprised with how fast it started colonizing. Can't wait to see the final result!