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Nutrients for 1.5L of nutrient broth as 1 L and 0.5 L separate packages

2 agar wedges of different Cordyceps militaris cultures-

Note- Nutrients are not ground together and homogenized, so use the entire packet to make the broth. Use immediately or freeze in single use portions

Amount of broth is given on package (1 L means add all nutrients in that bag to 1 L of water, 0.5 means add all nutrients in that bag to 500 mL of water)

See the cordyceps growing guide posted on the website!

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Love this kit!

Great idea whoever came up with the idea of selling the kits. Very helpful and handy and really makes life a little easier. I’m glad I can get it here!

I can’t wait to experiment more!
Five star review overall with my order: communication, ETA for the delivery was on point and everybody on the package arrived safely. The stickers and the instructions were also very appreciated.
I’ll definitely order again (soon I hope).