Turkey Tail Liquid Culture (LC)

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Trametes versicolor
Fruits best at 65-75°F, can fruit from ~50-85 but time/form may differ at extremes.
Can take 3-8 weeks to mature during fruiting.
Primordia formation in vitro. Rosettes will continue to form from the primordia or shelves will form if plastic cut along side

Shelves grown by Knives V. Wolfram
All gourmet liquid cultures (LCs) are provided with a 16g needle (in the manufacturer’s packaging) and come in 10 mL capped syringes. They will be labelled on the plunger and are grown in a 2% malt extract solution. Shake well before use.

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ALWAYS Great Service and Mushroom Supplies

I love purchasing supplies for my mycology experiments from Mushroomman. Always outstanding customer service and great supplies I can always count on.

Mechelle Fisher
Great service and a great specimen.

Came fast as describes and was great to see under the microscope!

Growing great at 91F!

Here's my Turkey Tail 10 days in! Inoculated the third day after shipping notice from MMM. I cant wait to move these to fruiting blocks in the next couple days. From one LC purchased from MMM, I inoculated 3 millet jars and made a LC jar that grew so fast I made syringes and inoculated plenty more jars for spawn. The jar on the left was grown at 91F and the right, at a fluctuating 76-85F. I got all this in only 10 days. I bought a 4 gourmet LC pack and got a freebie. All these genetics are growing great! I'll send cash next time to see what other freebies I can get! Stoked.

Glen Hultz
Everything u need.

Everything is working just like it says. Follow the easy instructions and u will be as happy as I am. I will be a repeat customer. Have 2 friends trying this method. I ordered the mega kit. Very very pleased.

Christopher Fucci
Turkey Tail

So I grew a culture of turkey tail on agar and have not spawned in a grow bag yet. However the cultures are beautiful white and appear healthy. MMM is an awesome vendor and I’ll be back for more medicines and food.

Great Experience

Will def be back. Very quick shipping. Exceptional customer service and clean, high quality products.