Chestnut Liquid Culture (LC)

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Pholiota adiposa
Fruits at 60-70°F.

Chestnut Mushroom Prior to HarvestChestnut mushroom
Examples of fruits grown from MMM’s Chestnut culture by Brian.

All gourmet liquid cultures (LCs) are provided with a 16g needle (in the manufacturer’s packaging) and come in 10 mL capped syringes. They will be labelled on the plunger and are grown in a 2% malt extract solution. Shake well before use.

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David Jackson
Vigorous and Delicious

The syringe that I received from MMM was obviously dense with spores. Colonization of oats was fast and complete in my 50F garage. From there it went into a bin with Master's Mix (hardwood pellets rehydrated and soy hulls) and it took that over quickly as well.

Fruits were plentiful and after a light saute in salted butter I had a delicious and otherwise hard to source locally treat.

Jeff B
Amazing LC led to amazing mushrooms!

Colonized the jar super fast, colonized the bag super fast, and turned into this beautiful flush! Couldn't be happier!

Dakota R

Used LC To agar and didn't find comtam.

Christopher Blanchard

Arrived in perfect condition! Thanks MMM.

Jared N.
I keep coming back...

MMM is my favorite shop to buy from for a few reasons. The customer service is incredible, the quality of the products are unbeatable, and the selection is diverse. I've never had anything other than a great experience. I've recommended MMM to many friends and I'll definitely be back again and again.

Satisfied as usual

My chestnut LC arrived in perfect condition and the mycelium looked beautiful! Already colonized a bag of grains, can’t wait to get some fruiting going on in a few weeks.