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Plug Spawn-
The plug spawn (also called dowel spawn) offered is a bag of ~100 ct plugs (by weight). They can be used immediately or kept in the fridge for 2-6 months (potentially 1+ year but using ASAP is best). The plugs are 1/4″ in diameter and 1″ long.
Use plug spawn to inoculate freshly cut hardwood logs (do not let sit more than 1-2 months). 100 plugs will inoculate 3-4 logs that are 4-6″ in diameter and 2′ in length. More plugs per log increases chances of colonization and may reduce colonization times- I recommend more plugs per log for new growers.
I can sell 300+ plugs at a discounted cost and can take custom orders for larger plug numbers at reduced rates. Contact me if interested.

I encourage customers to look up log cultivation methods- it is usually 6-12 months to fruit and logs sometimes need to be soaked to allow fruiting. I do not offer a guide currently but I hope to link one here in the near future.

shiitake plug spawn



Lentinula edodes

Can fruit above 18°C (~65°F).
It should be able to fruit at about 50-75/80°F.

Image below is from @fungi_am_i who grew this culture around 71°F with bag/block cultivation:Shiitake mushrooms grown by customer at 71 degrees F

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