3 Vendor’s Choice Gourmet LC Syringes

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Ordering this item means that MMM will select 3 gourmet liquid culture syringes from the current gourmet LCs available at the time of order.

The 3 vendor’s choice LC syringes will be labelled so you will know what it is when you receive. You will get 3 different species. You cannot select what comes with this pack, if you want to choose your specific varieties, checkout our available discount codes for pick your own packs of 4 and 10 LCs  🙂

If you are unsure of what to get, let us decide!


All gourmet liquid cultures (LCs) are provided with a 16g needle (in the manufacturer’s packaging) and come in 10 mL capped syringes. They will be labelled and are grown in a 2% malt extract solution. Shake well before use.

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Weight 90 g

Customer Reviews

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Jack Napier
Amazing experience

What an amazing seller MMM is. I had ordered some gourmet ready-to-fruit blocks [Lions Mane and Blue Oyster] and some gourmet LC and each of them was perfect. The quality of the products is simply great. I'm so happy with the service provided for not only the products but also shipping and packaging was very well done. I definitely recommend MMM. I hope to buy more great products in the future. Thank you again. Much appreciated.

Maclean P.
Overall Great Experience

From ordering to receiving the cultures was a smooth and easy process. Even paying by mail was easy as MMM has the system figured out. I received Pioppino, Black Pearl, and Pearl Oyster Liquid Cultures in my vendors choice order. The Liquid Cultures arrived quickly and could immediately be transferred to agar. Would recommend